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Our Philosophy of Travel

Delve Travel is a boutique travel agency serving ambitious entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches with Luxury Wellness Travel opportunities. We also specialize in Retreat Planning & Management services to help entrepreneurs create destination retreats, intensives, VIP days, and mastermind events that are both transformative and profitable.

Travel ought to be a top priority for entrepreneurs.

We believe that travel done right can be a catalyst for growth and health. We envision a world where instead of just "two weeks off a year," travel is integrated with work and life, pursued as an opportunity to continually challenge yourself, expand your horizons, learn something new about the universe, gain a new & nuanced perspective, create a better routine, reflect deeply on your life thus far, and experience beauty and the world's achievements first-hand ---- all of which will help you build a stronger business and more flourishing life!

Here are just some of the ways travel can help you thrive as an entrepreneur:

  • Inspiration

  • Continuous Learning

  • New Perspectives

  • Embodied Experiences

  • Recharging & Relaxation

  • Healthy Routine

  • Challenge Yourself

  • Communication Skills

  • Empathy

  • Perseverance & Patience

  • Inner Reflection

  • Multi-Cultural Knowledge

  • Meaningful Connections

  • Flow (Yes, we're major advocates of the science of Flow and Optimal Psychology here at Delve Travel!)

For many entrepreneurs, the freedom to travel is an end-in-itself, one of the reasons why we want to create our own businesses in the first place.  Yet, here at Delve Travel, we find that travel is (like many other ends) simultaneously a means....for example, "art" is typically experienced as an end-in-itself but can also be fuel to persist or change. "Close relationships" are an end that make a human life worth living, but are also a necessary means to health and well-being.

In a complex evolving system, such as an organism or a business, there is often a phenomenon of a virtuous cycle or spiral of growth, where that which is at one level an end becomes just a means for further development.

Here at Delve Travel, we're working toward a world where travel is viewed and pursued as both a means and an end, integral to both human growth and human flourishing.

Often the key to a truly transformational travel experience is to customize travel to your unique goals and values - with a combination of a few targeted travel objectives plus space for spontaneity.

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